Sunday, May 30, 2010


I've created this blog to document an altered book project that one of my groups is beginning.  I decided to separate it from my regular blog so that it would flow uninterrupted by unrelated blog posts.  

The people going on this altered book journey come from all levels of expertise.  Some have done many altered books, some none.  Some are very experienced in papercrafts and mixed media projects and are comfortable using many different materials.   Some are just starting to learn.    So, I will definitely try to inform the newbies while keeping the veterans interested.

And PLEASE remember, I'm just one of the volunteer guides on this trip.  I have made altered books (from here on abbreviated as AB), and used many of the AB techniques in other projects, but I make no claims of being any kind of expert or last word here.  I only hope to share what I've learned through reading, observing, and trial and error (with the emphasis on error).

There are many good books on AB techniques out there, and other resources as well.  If you google altered books you'll be inundated with places to check out.  My wonderful co-guide, Diann, found a great site and I hope you'll use it as well as this blog as you begin to make your own AB.  Check out what Lisa Vollrath has put together.  (I also put a link to Lisa's site on the sidebar so you can easily access it whenever you want.)

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  1. Wow! This is an awesome idea. Thank you for this on-line class.