Friday, June 11, 2010

Folding Pages in Your Book

Several people have mentioned that they plan to use their ABs as a kind of scrapbook to hold many of the tags and ATCs they've received in swaps.  I think that's a great idea, so today we'll be doing some folding techniques to create pockets that can store things.  
This would also be great for a travel themed AB, as you will be able to keep your memorabilia safe in the book, and yet be able to remove any of it for a closer look.
For the first technique, you'll need four pages in your AB.  They can be colored for sure, but shouldn't have lots of layers or added embellishments that might interfere with the folding. (You can add those things afterwards).
Here are two facing pages that I previously sprayed with Colorwash and then did some stamping over that.
The page before the two page spread has a color wash.  You don't need any color on that bare page to the right.  It will not be seen.
 The page after the two page spread has the same color wash. 
 Make two diagonal folds (like the start of a paper airplane).  Do that to both of the pages that face one another.  They should look like this after folding:
 Using very sticky two sided tape (some brands include redline, Scor-tape, sticky strips), attach a strip from the point to the spine of the book on the back of each page, like this:
 Remove the top protective layer of the tape:
 And press the folded page down onto the facing page.  Do that for both of the folded pages.  
You now have four pockets for holding items.  Here I've inserted some favorite tags:
You can create a nice big  single pocket, perfect for holding larger items like greeting cards you've received, or postcards from a trip.
First take your metal ruler and begin tearing a page.  But you will not tear it out completely.  You'll just tear down to the halfway mark.
Fold the page in half and use your sticky tape to glue it together. Then attach the tape to the bottom and side to adhere it to the facing page.
 You have made a nice large pocket:
If you're doing a travel AB, for example, you might want to have several of these folded pages in your book to hold all of the papers you collect on a trip...maps, postcards, ticket stubs, menus, even some photographs.   You can decorate the front of the pocket however you like.  Since I don't know yet what I'll be putting in this pocket, I'll hold off on the embellishing until I have a better idea of what I want it to look like.
I also want to point out that not all folding techniques are for creating pockets.  Sometimes you might want to do some folding purely as a decorative element, to add some texture to a page.
Here I just did a bit of accordian folding on two pages and used my good strong sticky tape to glue each fold down.  I then added some color and a bit of decoration with rub-ons.  Don't know yet what, if anything I'll be adding to this page, but wanted you to see another reason to fold.
Looking at my AB from above, I can see that it's starting to get fuller, even after only a few techniques.  Now I know I'm making progress!


  1. FUN Pages and fold techniques!! Thank so much for sharing, Eileen!!

  2. Wow, great techniques! A travel AB is a great idea, something one could do before a trip, perhaps? lol Then you would have a completed item at the end. Great idea...

  3. Fab techniques! great book Eileen!