Monday, June 7, 2010

More On Glazing

This morning I was asked about mixing distress reinkers with gel medium to form a glaze.  So, I put on my lab coat and started to experiment.
I put a glob of gel medium (about the size of a quarter) directly on my craft mat.  That's only one of the reasons I love that mat.  Nothing really sticks to it, and just about anything can be cleaned off of it.
Then I added 1 drop of reinker.  The distress reinkers come in a glass bottle with an eye dropper cap, so measuring drops is easy.  If you try this with another brand of reinker you'll have to find another way to measure drops.
I mixed the two well, and it looked like I'd have good coverage.
When I painted it on the page of text I could barely see the blue, even though it looked fairly dark when I was stirring it up.  So I tried again with 2 drops....still kind of light....and finally, 4 drops.  Here are my results:
If you want a very pale color, 1-2 drops should do the trick.  For a deeper color, I'd say at least 3 or 4, but if that's not deep enough for you, just add one more drop at a time until you have the depth of color you want.
Also, remember, reinkers from other companies might be more or less intense, so your results could be different.
But it's nice to know we have more than one way to create a glaze.
I hope this has been helpful.


  1. Thanks Eileen. I was trying with the alcohol inks also. It is exciting that we have many ways to cover a page now. Thanks for experimenting for us! Kerry P.

  2. Thanks so much, Eileen. I think it will work well for me. Appreciate you doing this.

  3. Thanks for doing this Eileen, it is good to know what to start with.

  4. Great tip Eileen. Also try using acrylic paints....... They work great too.

  5. Thanks for putting on your lab coat, and I can imagine with the dark glasses, you really did look like a scientist. Great tip about the reinkers and gel medium, I do prefer the darker color, so .... note to self..

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your results...very interesting :)