Friday, August 13, 2010

Adding Beads

We've already covered one way to add beads....stringing some on the tail of a cord or ribbon that you've used for adding stitches to a page. (see this post for details.)
This week I want to show you another way....with wire.  
First, determine where you want the beads....I'm doing mine along one side of a page, but you can also use this technique to put them on the top or bottom, or for that matter, all the way around the page.
Select a page for this that has an unused page behind it, so we can attach the two afterwards, which both covers up the back and gives the page extra strength.
Here I'm using the holes in my ruler to mark where I'm going to string my beads.  If you don't have such a tool, just use a regular ruler and make your marks at even intervals.
Then use a very small circle punch (1/16") to make the holes.
Cut a piece of wire (I used 24 gauge) about 2 1/2 times the length of your page.  Insert one end in the first hole, and pull up as though it was thread, but leaving about 2" of a tail.  

Then simply string a bead, go into the next hole, string a bead, go into the next hole, wrapping the wire around the page like this:
When you reach the end, tuck the tails of the wire under a few stitches on the back of the page.
Put a piece of tape over the end so it will stay in place and not poke through the paper.  Then, using your favorite paper adhesive, glue this page to the empty page next to it.  Your beaded page will look something like this:
Of course, you can also create some danglies with your beads and wire and attach each separately to your page....a beautiful look to be sure, but this week's technique is WAY faster.


  1. I love this tip, it looks fab. Thanks again for your hard work in producting this blog!

  2. Thanks for another great technique!

  3. I Love this Idea!! I Love Your Blog!!! Thanks for sharing all your talents and techniques!!!

  4. I love the way this looks. Will definitely try this on one of the pages. Thanks for the technique.

  5. Oh that looks adorable!!!

  6. Wonderful tip this week, I do love beads, just never think to use them much I guess. Too much other crap to use up, along with the beads that I buy on a whim for no apparent reason. lol! The page looks great!