Friday, August 20, 2010

Adding Pop Ups

Pop ups aren't just for children's books; they can add real interest, dimension,  and yes, even fun, to your altered book.
What can you use as your pop up?  Some possibilities are, a postcard, a document (copy, of course), even a photograph (again, not the real deal, but a copy).  
If what you want to use is flimsy, either copy it onto or attach it onto cardstock.
Since my AB is basically a heritage book, and all the photos I've used were taken in various parts of New York, I chose a reproduction of a vintage NYC postcard for my pop up.

You will need four pages in your book to do this technique.
First of all, fold the postcard (or whatever you are using) in half vertically, using a bonefolder for a nice crisp fold.
Now, position the card on pages 2 and 3 so that the fold lines up with the spine of the book.  The closer to the spine you have the edges of the card, the more pronounced the pop up will be.
When you have it where you want it, make pencil marks on the pages at each corner of the card.
Put the postcard to the side for now.  Fold about an inch or so of page 3, and glue it down.
Fold it again, this time until it reaches the pencil marks.
Put some adhesive behind this fold at the top and bottom, but NOT between the two pencil marks.  This will create a pocket.
Repeat the folding and gluing with page two.
Now, get the postcard again.  Cut two strips of scrap cardstock that are the height of the card.  It doesn't matter what color they are; they won't be seen.  Put them next to the postcard on either side, leaving a very small gap between them, no more than about 1/16".
This is what is will look like from the front:
Turn the postcard over now, and use clear tape to attach the two cardstock strips, remembering to leave that slight gap.
Apply some adhesive to the backs of the cardstock strips only....not to the postcard.
Now you can insert the pop up into the pockets you created with your folding of pages 2 and 3.
At this point attach pages 2 and 3 to pages 1 and 4 and begin to decorate as you like.
I used scrapbook paper and tissue tape to finish off my pages.
This particular altered book is almost at the end of its journey, and I'm thinking about the next one.  I hope you've enjoyed following it with me, and that you have tried an altered book of your own.
I'd love to see any pages you've done, and if you look to the right, on the top of this blog you'll see a link gadget I just added.   If you have any AB pages posted to a blog or a photo share site, you can add a link to them with this gadget so that we can all see what you've done.  Just remember to link to the actual page where your AB is posted, not to your general blog address.


  1. Good stuff, this really would add a lot of interest to a book. What stellar ideas you've had/have, now to just put them into action!

  2. Thanks for this tip!! I can't wait to try it! you could use it in a Journal also!! What Fun!! Thanks for sharing, and Have a Great Weekend!!

  3. oh Eileen!! That is great FUN!! Love how that looks!

  4. Oh VERY clever...I LOVE that idea ma'am!!!!